BREMBO Brake Radial Master Cylinder PR 19x18-20 19RCS

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BREMBO Brake Radial Master Cylinder PR 19x18-20 19RCS
BREMBO Brake Radial Master Cylinder PR 19x18-20 19RCSBREMBO Brake Radial Master Cylinder PR 19x18-20 19RCSBREMBO Brake Radial Master Cylinder PR 19x18-20 19RCS
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Radial Master Cylinder Brembo 19 RCS

Technical data:

- 19 RCS / leverage translation either 19 x 18 or 19 x 20

- with hinged lever

- Housing made of forged aluminum

- CNC surface edited, hard anodized

- with mechanical brakelight switch

- Brake Fluid DOT 4, or 5.1

- Weight 262 grams

Brembo RCS radial brake master cylinders allow the rider to choose between power or precision in relation to road conditions, the weather, personal preference for feel and familiarity with the bike. This patented master cylinder, derived directly from the unit used in MotoGP, features an innovative adjustment system that allows the same master cylinder to cater for the many different requirements of even the most exacting customer. Created specifically to bring MotoGP and Superbike technology to countless enthusiasts, the Brembo RCS radial master cylinder sets new standards for high performance brake components in terms of technology and style. The RCS system consists of an adjuster that sets the brake lever pivot distance to either 18 or 20 mm, for the perfect feedback between rider and machine: setting the pivot distance to 20 mm makes the braking system more reactive and immediate, while a pivot distance of 18 mm makes it more precisely controllable. Changing between the two settings is extremely quick: simply adjust the master cylinder pivot distance by turning the adjuster on the front of the guide lever with cam mechanism by 180° using a screwdriver (red indicates 18 mm, black indicates 20 mm). This changes braking power distribution without modifying the pure power of the system itself.The piston, gaskets and push rod of RCS master cylinders are exactly the same components as those in the master cylinders used by practically all MotoGP and SBK riders, and are manufactured to extremely fine tolerances and ensure very low friction. The lever consists of two main components: the racing lever guide and the folding, forged lever itself. The RCS radial master cylinder is available in two different versions: 19 and 15. The numbers indicate the diameter of the piston and define the respective applications for the two versions: the 19RCS must be used in a dual disc system with 4-piston non-floating calipers, whereas the 15 RCS may be installed in single or dual disc systems with 4-piston floating calipers.

State-of-the-art technology for racing performance.

Brembo offers a wide range of radial master cylinders and adjustable levers to replace and enhance the original system. Brembo High Performance master cylinders are manufactured with state of the art processes to ensure outstanding function and performance. Derived directly from motorsports, Brembo master cylinders are available as “Radial” and “Radial RCS” variants, which are easily installed on the most popular Japanese and European hypersports models.