RK Chain 520 XSO Black


RK Chain 520 XSO Black
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RK 520 XSO Application: Street and Dirt. As part of their continuing quality improvement program, the RK Chain Factory has made a running production upgrade to their best selling 520XSO chain. The new upgrade GBXSO and non-gold XSO chains features RK’s proprietary “RX-Ring” seal design and is offered in 520, 525 & 530. All versions are available in either gold/gold or standard steel color. Viewed in cross-section, the RK “RX-Ring” has two lubrication pools and seal points versus the single seal point/pool design of a regular o-ring chain. RK’s new GBXSO chains offer quality,performance and unbeatable value, for all but the most demanding high performance application.

Average tensile strength rated at 11500 Nm.

Rated up to 750cc for street use and up to 750cc for off-road use.

Color: Black